Wednesday, November 3, 2010



though this blog doesn't have pretty pictures and colourful backgrounds, it served a purpose which is to write about anything possible from me. The title of my blog says it all, you only die once, so laugh into the face of death, because laughter is always the best DRUG.

Thank you,

for just making everything in this blog

Thursday, July 22, 2010

daaaancing on the kitchen tiles, it's all about you (:

'OMG OMG, ROBERT PATTINSON IS SOOO HOT!' ooookay! if i was a girl i would deff dig a 100 year old vampire who sparkles in the light like some unicorn just farted on him. i don't get these people, like srsly.
'TAYLOR LAUTNER! OHH EMM GEE, OH EMGEE!' yeah, i would date a dude who is a freaking fur ball wolf.
did you TWILIGHT fans read newspaper?! TWILIGHT FREAKING KILLED A 23-YEAR OLD DUDE! i don't see hp fans dying (;
they had like a book fest in school, and i was bimboing to how hot robert pattinson is (which he is not) and people are staring at me, LOOK AT YOURSELF! you're in love with a fart-covered-100year old dude.
did i mention he climb trees?! PWHAOR! now bella doesn't have to worry about being thirsty cause edward can climb a coconut tree to get her a drink,
that is all for today, and for the poll (requested by Gabriel Lim) who YOU think is hotter? Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner? (i wouldn't be surprise if nobody votes)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

going crazy over iphone apps

everyday i would go to the app store 'OHHH! THIS LOOK GOOD! *click* INSTALL :D
i have 76 apps on my phone, and groowing!
im getting my cast off soon, LIKE FINALLY, OMG SO ANNOYING. and my braces off! :D i've been patient for a year and a half, and NOW! I HAVE TO BE PATIENT AGAIN! retainers for 3 months and after that, retainers when i sleep for like, a year? half a year?
i've got eargasm from the songs Ash gave me :D

study, bye.

Monday, July 19, 2010

and i use to thought that spongebob was real

school sucked these days, no, not because of the people, it's because i can't freaking do any work because of my hand, and i know you people would go like 'GOOOD WHAT! NO NEED TO DO HOMEWORK!', try that for 3 weeks, it makes you feel useless D:
attended a portugese wedding on saturday and the bride(which was my dad's friend son) wore a kilt, you know those scottish people who wear skirts, THOSE! IT WAS FREAKING COOL, like a skirt and and tux on top.
when he was on stage, he called up all the single guys and you know me, i went :D, every asked him to lift his skirt up and he said 'SOORRY GUYS! IT WITH!' <--as in underwear, HAHA.
well, i danced :D, i couldn't do much with the hand but robot, LOL. met a whole lot of awesome people (all portugese) :D, they have got to be the most friendly people.
people on facebook is like taking pictures of the 'L' like Glee on their forehead, annoys meh.
trials are like in a months time, and i dont think im ready D:

bee bee.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

just a quick one.

you know how damn difficult is it to type with this effing cast on my right hand D:
heres a few updates,
i has a phone now! :D and it's an iPhone baybeh!
sent my bro off last saturday
don't think i'll be able to write D: since its mt right wrist which is fractured,
i have to say, my bone was very strong (thanks to Dutch Lady :D) imagine 70 kilo dropping on just one of your wrist PLUS the force, there was a VERY loud crack when i landed, like someone took a plank and broke it into half D: , i froze for like a second or two.
pmr is coming, screw that D:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I took a dump 10,000 feet up above the sky

tmi? HAHAHA, the planes flush was sooo cool! there was a button and when i pressed it, nothing happened, then i kept pressing it and 'WHOOOSSSSSSHHHH!' i was laughing to myself inside the small toilet, hahaha.
all in all, gui lin is a beautiful place, the sceneries were spectacular, especially the mountains which were EVERYWHERE, the food was alright. the street food was YUMMMM! i had like 8 sticks of barbecued lamb marinated with pepper, and around 10 sticks of squids which was pressed to make it crispy and was brushed with peanut sauce, *DROOLSS*
you can expect this post to be exceptionally boring (so are like my other 100) because i don't post much pictures, at all.
met new people, got new jokes (:
sorreh for not updating my blog, i've been rather lazy :P hahaha.
i am now free for a week, :D.
and I'll be going to Genting this weekend for Engelbert Humperdinck's concert , i know, the name sounds wrong, HAHA.
any outings? call me (:
Usher's coming? :O , and it's organized by Galaxy, hope i can get tickets! :D

CHAO PEOPLE, i will update again soon (:

-oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhh my GAWD-

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i have boobs

and i'm using a training bra, HAHA.
Alladin was on disney just now, hahaha. they don't show lion king anymore now ): BOO.
football. ManU drew, like I said, no rooney no hope,seriously. chelsea won 1-0, if only they drew.
Arsenal is playing tonight for a late game at around 250 in the morning, might be staying up to watch. gonna be a hell of a good game. Robin Van Persie i back form his injury and hope he can perform well and won't be mentally kacaued because of the injury.
just like Eduardo, if you watch him play, you'll notice that he's very scared to kick the ball, just hope that aaron ramsey is not the same, same goes to robin.
anyway, i'll go upstairs and wait for my dad to sleep. downloading MGMT's congratulation.

-day and night,
the lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night-